Virtual reality

This is my final year project for my Bachelor's Degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. It is a 90 second short horror piece that is best viewed with a VR headset. 

This is a virtual reality video set in the Simpson's iconic living room. The environment was modeled and shaded by me. I rendered this scene using a stereoscopic camera in Maya and composited the Simpsons intro in Adobe Premier Pro. Premiere Pro then allowed me to export the video into VR.


This is a showreel of a few VFX pieces I made during second term of my second year at Brunel University. It shows my work using Maya and Nuke mostly.


This is a short clip of a 3D animated arcade machine. I was given the robot arm, around which I modeled and shaded an environment. All rigging and animation was done by me.


This is the final video I produced in my FX animation class. I created this with Freddie Firth and Nikita Huber Kralj. I created all of the physical demoliton aspects using Ncloth in Maya.

This is a short video I made using Ncloth properties in Maya.


This is a short video showing my ability to produce an animated piece from motion capture.


March 2017

A bumper I made to advertise the UMD v UNC Lacrosse game. This was created in After Effects using CC Particle World.
This is a short logo animation piece I made for Brunel Lacrosse. This was made in Illustrator and After Effects using expressions and controls.
This is a short PSA reminding you to not text and drive. This was made in after effects using it's 3D camera function.


A composite of an RC car onto a video plate I shot. This was created using Maya and Nuke.


THE SLINGSHOT Director / Screenwriter: Christian O'Brien USA, 2015, 4 minutes, color A troubled teen gets into a fight with some neighbourhood bullies and encounters some trouble within himself. This film is a brief snapshot of the turmoil a teenage boy may experience in the seemingly perfect suburban life.



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