Virtual reality

This is my final year project for my Bachelor's Degree in Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. It is a 90 second short horror piece that is best viewed with a VR headset. 

This is a virtual reality video set in the Simpson's iconic living room. The environment was modeled and shaded by me. I rendered this scene using a panoramic camera in Maya and composited the Simpsons intro in Adobe Premier Pro. Premiere Pro then allowed me to export the video into VR.


My new showreel showing off some of the clips I've made in 2019. Most pieces were created inside Blender.

This is my academic showreel showing off some of the pieces I made during my undergrad at Brunel University. I hope you enjoy!


This is a short clip of a 3D animated arcade machine. I was given the robot arm, around which I modeled and shaded an environment. All rigging and animation was done by me.

A short animation, testing Blender’s rigging, particles, shading, motion tracking, etc. this is my first piece made entirely in Blender.


This is the final video I produced in my FX animation class. I created this with Freddie Firth and Nikita Huber Kralj. I created all of the physical demoliton aspects using Ncloth in Maya.

A rigid body simulation piece. Made in Blender, Rendered with Cycles. 2.5 hour render time.

This is a short video I made using Ncloth properties in Maya.


This is a short video showing my ability to produce an animated piece from motion capture.


March 2017

A bumper I made to advertise the UMD v UNC Lacrosse game. This was created in After Effects using CC Particle World.
This is a short logo animation piece I made for Brunel Lacrosse. This was made in Illustrator and After Effects using expressions and controls.
This is a short PSA reminding you to not text and drive. This was made in after effects using it's 3D camera function.


A composite of an RC car onto a video plate I shot. This was created using Maya and Nuke.


THE SLINGSHOT Director / Screenwriter: Christian O'Brien USA, 2015, 4 minutes, color A troubled teen gets into a fight with some neighbourhood bullies and encounters some trouble within himself. This film is a brief snapshot of the turmoil a teenage boy may experience in the seemingly perfect suburban life.



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